25 Children Accepted Christ, Got Baptized & Filled With the Holy Spirit & Fire!

together every day and when they could not, they prayed each at home! God is pouring out His fire in their midst and great things are happening in every meeting!

September 30, 2016: 16 children have so far accepted Christ and are baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire. Prayer meetings are daily. Children meet and pray in tongues. They holy dance and are taught the Word under an open heaven. Today as they were praying, one was was caught up, walking through a tunnel, saw Jesus waiting at the gate. She also saw hell, demons and the lake of fire. Another saw angel standing in the stairway to heaven. Many got visions of angels, the Lord Jesus Christ distributing dresses and robes to each one of the children!

October 6, 2016: 6 more children got saved and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ earlier. Two of them saw angels. We are really growing that we cannot dance well inside when we meet all at once.

October 7, 2016: 3 more children accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. Their names are Lawrence, Gilbert and another girl. Two of them got visions and Lawrence got holy fire when he first joined our holy dance. Gilbert saw the Lord Jesus and the girl saw the devil in her vision. The rest of children are continuously seeing visions of the Lord Jesus and angels and demons as their spiritual eyes continue to open.



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