Dulce Testimony

July 2017 – A Journey with the Real Jesus – A Testimony of Dulce: A Simple Filipino Housewife & Mother
Raised from a family of Catholics for more than 30 years, I as well raised my children the same way I was raised. Just like other Catholics, we have so many statues of Jesus, Mary, and dead Catholic Saints at home which in many cases are used as idols. I lived this kind of lifestyle until one day, the Lord spoke to us and told us HE is a Jealous GOD. We then realized that we were praying and worshiping the statues and idols that cannot move, breathe or help us in any way – in other words we were worshiping demons. The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD convicted us to throw away all those statues/idols and never return to the Catholic church. HE told us to pray inside our private home and to read HIS Word. HE told us to stop hail Mary’s and all repetitive nonsense prayers that were not coming from the heart. Thus, we did everything the LORD told us to do.
A few months went by and my children began experiencing the supernatural. They began to see extremely white human shape beings while we prayed in our room. Huge angels were also seen guarding and surrounding our room and home.
Our walk with GOD grew stronger as we prayed and sought God, even if we didn’t belong to any church organization. In fact, our relationship with the LORD began to become intimate more and more, a feeling we never had when we were Catholics. My children and I began receiving dreams from the LORD. Dreams about what is coming in the near future and dreams with personal messages from the LORD.
As we continue to study the Word, we came to know about the HOLY SPIRIT baptism and His gifts. From then on, we were curious about it and we were very excited how we can get baptized and how to receive those gifts. With continuous true repentance and praying to receive those gifts from GOD, we were hopeful that someday GOD will grant us answer to our prayers. Until, one day I came across an article of a brother in Christ whose profile popped up on my facebook page. This brother had a testimony in which he shared how once upon a time, he was hopping from one church to another searching the truth, he could not find nor be satisfied until he found the Blazing Holy Fire Church which eventually God used to change his life forever.
Immediately, I contacted the Blazing Holy Fire and a member named Jessy replied in less than 24 hours. She was very accommodating and patient with me about anything. Sister Jessy committed to pray with me every week since then, and my children and I began to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. Since then, our life was never been the same. Also my children began to see Jesus and having clear visions from Him and great things began to happen! Hallelujah!
God’s Works in My Mother-in-law
I am a very shy and timid type of person, but one day, the HOLY SPIRIT was trying to send me to my mother-in-law who was then serving a huge Cathedral of a Catholic church. She was assigned to cleaning all the statues/idols inside the church. As she cleansed it, she was praying and kissing those idols. Also, as she was serving the church, she was always sick, there was no week or month that went by without her being brought to the hospital for so many reasons. So, I went to her and as the LORD told me HE will be with me, I let GOD put words on my mouth and I spoke to her regarding bowing and praying to idols. She was listening and at the end of our conversation, we prayed together and GOD confirmed everything to her through signs. Three weeks after after this, I heard she quits the Catholic Church and stayed at home praying privately and read the Bible at home just like we did. She also started attending our bible sharing at home and since then, the Lord has healed her and she was never brought to the hospital. Praise GOD! Hallelujah!
God’s Works in My Mother
Our walk with GOD is like a bumpy road because we have unseen enemies in the spirit realm, but greater is HE that is in us, than he that is in this world. One late night, my mother called telling us that she fainted while she was on her way home and she managed to go to a nearby clinic for check-up. By the way, she is a devoted Catholic and used to pray hail Mary’s and all those repetitive prayers. Every time I would share Jesus to her, she would not listen or take heed. Moving on, she told us she will be admitted to a bigger hospital, she had a hard time eating, drinking water, and speaking because she had extreme pain in her gums. I gathered my children and we prayed inside the room and as we prayed, one of my kids saw in a vision a rosary in my mother’s pocket. Another saw that a tiny evil spirit was inside my mother’s mouth holding a fork with 3 pointed metals, which this demon was pricking her gums. So the kids and I began to pray powerfully and harder and put on the whole armor of GOD, then we went to her place which is 45 minutes ride from our home. Upon arriving, we told her to remove the rosary in her pocket and she was shocked that we know there’s a rosary inside. Then, we prayed over her and cast the demons out of her body. A day after, she was talkative, was able to eat and drink, and she haven’t taken all the medicines given to her by the doctor, and she was no longer confined in a hospital. Praise GOD Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer!
Works of God in My Niece
My 3 year old niece visited my mother’s house and it just so happens that my children were there also visiting my mother. My then 3 year old niece had swollen eye wherein she cannot open it. Along with her are her worried parents. My mother who had experienced the healing power of Jesus secretly asked my children to pray over my niece’ swollen eye. Without hesitation, they prayed over my niece and the baby fell asleep. When the baby woke up, the swelling on her eyes was totally gone and she was able to open her eye. Praise GOD Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer! Hallelujah!
The Works of God in My Stepfather
My mother and his husband had a vacation here in the Philippines for six months, and there is always this prodding inside me to share the gospel to him but I was always overcome with fear. Their 6th month came and they were just waiting for maybe 2 weeks before they go back home to the U.S. I prayed that the LORD will put words on my mouth so I can share the gospel to my stepfather and that he will be touched and blessed. I had courage then to speak to him. I remember I asked him first if he knows the LORD JESUS, and he replied “yes”. Then, I asked him again if JESUS was his personal Lord and Saviour, and he answered “no”. I felt sad and asked him in a sad and soft tone, “who then is your Lord and Saviour?”, he responded “Judas!” From there, I introduced to him the LORD JESUS and all HIS sufferings because of HIS love for all of us. I’ve preached to him for almost 2 hours and he was listening. By the end of the preaching, he received the LORD JESUS as his personal Lord and Saviour. Me and the children prayed over him and he said that he felt an unseen strong presence that it brought him to tears and explainable peace and joy from within. A day after this, my mother called over the phone and told us that there used to be so much swelling on the butt part of my stepdad as well as on his arms. But since receiving the prayer, the swelling was gone and he was no longer in pain. Hallelujah to the KING!
There are so many healing testimonies which happened since we became part of the Blazing Holy Fire church and after being baptized and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and Fire. I can no longer write it all down as it will consume hours for you to read it all. All glory and honor belongs to GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in the Holy Name of JESUS, and by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.
Trance and Open Visions by my Son
Gifts came pouring down upon us from the LORD JESUS. While we were praying in our room, my son suddenly saw a pair of feet with huge holes at the center. He knew that it was the Lord JESUS. Then, he found himself outside his body and saw his body kneeling and praying together with us. He saw a very bright angel grabbed his elbow and he was brought in front of our house. Then, they speed up to outer space where he saw planets, stars, and heavenly bodies. From a distance, he was shown the earth and a huge planet/asteroid (he’s not sure what it was) was about to hit the earth. This causes tsunamis and earthquakes in various places. He was shown Russia, USA and other continents, and fireballs hitting every part of the earth. He was so scared when his consciousness was back; according to him it seems that the huge thing will hit earth at any moment. He also was brought to the gate of heaven where he saw the LORD JESUS welcoming him with arms wide open. He was also shown the rapture. He also was able to visit hell with the LORD JESUS were he saw souls being tormented and demons with different physical characteristics. There are so many encounters of heaven and hell, spiritual realm, spiritual combat against demonic powers that my son has encountered up to this day and it is not possible to write it all down.
Heaven Experiences by my daughter
One of my daughters had numerous heaven experiences and a single hell experience with the Lord JESUS. In heaven, she saw my father who died in his early 40’s. According to her, my earthly father looks young in heaven and they had the chance to talk.
My daughter also saw my grandmother who told her that she was thankful to me because if I didn’t talk to her 2 days prior to her death, she could have landed in hell. Thus, I remembered I was in college back then when I was about to leave for school when my bed-ridden grandma doesn’t want me to leave. She couldn’t talk anymore, all she could do is nod when it’s yes or shook her head when it’s a no. Moving on, I still insisted to leave for school, but while in school I wasn’t at peace because of my grandma’s unusual reactions. So, I decided to go back home and try to talk to her. We both talked while she was in her bed. I asked her what was her problem until I came across to asking her if she hated someone or if there’s any ill feeling inside her, and she nodded. I mentioned every name that we both know and she kept on shaking her head. Until I got to mention her daughter-in-law which she nodded and she was in tears while I can see on her face the hatred she has on her daughter-in-law. From there I told her she has to forgive and forget what she had experienced with her daughter-in-law. I then was able to comprehend that she was being beaten and oppressed by her daughter-in-law as they live in one roof. I made prodding to her that she has to give up those ill feelings and be able to forgive. After so much prodding, she finally forgives and we prayed together and she was crying. Two days after, she died in peace. No one knows about our conversation until that day she left – but when my daughter was taken to heaven, the Lord revealed it all to her. I am exceedingly grateful that now she was saved from the fires of hell. Thank GOD for His tender mercies!
My daughter also saw horses and chariots. She was excited and asked the Lord JESUS if they will be riding those chariots and the Lord JESUS replied “Soon my child!” As they continued walking on the streets of gold, the Lord JESUS also showed her beautiful mansions in heaven made of gold and gems.
Message Room in Heaven
She was also brought to one of the rooms in heaven where she saw a lot of angels with envelopes. She asked the Lord what was that place and why angels were so busy with envelopes. The Lord JESUS replied that they were in the message room and angels used to collect prayers from believers, and once they went back to heaven they segregate the prayers from “most important prayers” to “least important prayers”.
Office of the HOLY SPIRIT gifts
She was also brought to the Office of the Holy Spirit were she saw so many gifts waiting to be delivered. Some gifts were already delivered to believers. On the gifts were names on it. She saw familiar names on the undelivered gifts.
Book of Life
The book of Life was sealed and locked and when the LORD JESUS came near, it opened and it turned to a page were she saw names written in a different language and writings (she said maybe it was written in Hebrew not the alphabet she is used to). But the Lord JESUS gave her the understanding so she can know who those names were. She saw that some names were super glowing, some were normal in glow, some were half glowing and half dark, some names were already dark and cracked, while many were already erased but vacated.
Trip to Hell
One Tuesday night, as we were praying in Spirit, the Lord JESUS again appeared to my daughter and told her that they will visit hell so she has to ready herself. She was afraid and asked the Lord if it is possible not to go. But the Lord told her not to be afraid as HE will be with her. Night after that, the Lord again appeared to her and suddenly she was brought to hell. Still on the entrance of hell, there’s so much darkness, blood everywhere, and the place was slippery. The Lord JESUS was the only light to our path. She saw Michael Jackson on stage dancing while on fire and agony. She also saw a cage full of priests being tormented. She also saw in another cage a soul already in ashes but still talking and begging for mercy. Another cage was a man with knives in his hands and he was stabbing himself uncontrollably. Then she asked the Lord why was he doing that to himself, and a tv screen suddenly appeared in front of them which shows that this man killed his wife and children before he committed suicide. She also saw two sisters in a cage fighting each other, and it was shown that these two died in a car accident while they were fighting for worldly things. They used to fight for worldly matters. She also saw a drug user sniffing blood and fire in hell. Also, scattered bones were everywhere, bones and parts of the bodies in hell escaping and talking. Snakes were everywhere as well. She also saw giants in hell. She was also shown cages where well-known cartoon characters were torturing mostly children who were addicted to watching such. Cartoon characters such as Monster High, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Ben Ten, etc. were torturing people using their known super powers in TV. She heard souls crying and begging for a drop of water.
She also heard demons speak to each other saying “Here is the Man of Light again!” She found out that demons don’t mention JESUS name in hell, they feared the Lord JESUS and they could not stand His presence.
She was also shown the order or sequence of events that will happen in the near future such as birth pains, rapture, great tribulation, training of warriors (I don’t know if she means the 144,000), and many more was revealed to her but she was not allowed to tell it to us as of yet.
Again, so many experiences but these are only some of those encounters. The Lord JESUS wants a personal relationship with all of us. We thank Blazing Holy Fire church, Pastor Christine and Sis Jessy for always mentoring us, accommodating and praying with us patiently. Blessings to you also BHF team and all prayer warriors! We bless you in the name of Jesus.
All Glory and Honor belongs to our Almighty and Loving FATHER, in the name of His Son our KING YESHUA the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and by the power of His Sweet HOLY SPIRIT. Amen and Amen! Hallelujah!

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